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Ontarians for a Just Accountable Mining Strategy (OJAMS) is made of people from diverse communities and interests in Ontario that want to see a mineral strategy that:
• Sustains the environment and the resources for future generations,
• Protects the public from the risks associated with mining, smelting and refining,
• Heals the damage already caused by the industry
• Captures a fair share of the revenues generated by the industry for Ontarians and First Nations, and
• Respects the rights of First Nations to free, prior, informed consent to development on their lands.

Ontarians for a Just Accountable Mineral Strategy has sprung from our outrage that, despite more than ten years of broadly-based advocacy, despite reports from the Auditor-General and the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario supporting the need for change, the new proposals for a Mineral Development Strategy for Ontario are worse than they were in 2006.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Cheryl. This is Joan Kuyek. I think we already connected via my personal email. I am anxious to keep this conversation going.

  2. Hello, I’ve also been working on EA reform in Ontario as well as federally and following many of the policy issues such as the MDS, exploration permits, and Ring of Fire in Ontario. I work on cumulative effects and wildlife and am interested in talking to someone in your group about your work and priorities.

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