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Canadian ShieldPutting Mining In Its Place

Ontarians for a Just Accountable Mining Strategy (OJAMS) is made up of people from diverse communities and interests in Ontario that want to see a mineral strategy that

  • Sustains the environment and the resources for future generations,
  • Protects the public from the risks associated with mining, smelting and refining,
  • Heals the damage already caused by the industry
  • Captures a fair share of the revenues generated by the industry for Ontarians and First Nations, and
  • Respects the rights of First Nations to free, prior, informed consent to development on their lands

Ontarians for a Just Accountable Mineral Strategy is fed by our outrage that, despite decades of broadly-based advocacy, despite reports from the Auditor-General and the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario supporting the need for change, the new proposals for a Mineral Development Strategy for Ontario are worse for people and the environment, and continue to be under attack.

In 2015, we told the province what we thought the key issues were for the province. They have not changed. To read our entire submission to the Ontario Mineral Strategy consultations, click here:  OJAMS May2015 submission

Did you know that:

  • Mining trumps all other kinds of development in the province?
  • Mining pays less than 2% of its revenues in royalties and income taxes?
  • Mining is a waste management industry that leaves behind over 99% of the rock it digs up in potentially toxic waste dumps that may have to be monitored forever?
  • The public is an unsecured creditor for over 40% of the costs of remediating all the operating mine, smelter and refinery sites in Ontario – and that these potential costs are estimated by the industry?
  • Ontario is the only province or territory that does not require Environmental Assessment for new mines?
  • Aside from base metal mining in the Sudbury area, most mines in Ontario are gold mines?